Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Forum for Discussion on Health Care Reform

Another opinion generated from the discussion was e mailed by a Connecticut architect. I want to encourage all of you to send in your comments and rebuttals to any of the ideas expressed in this forum. Maybe we can actually get a consensus of good ideas that address some of the concerns raised:

Hi Ralph,

Thank you for this very interesting article on US healthcare. Our healthcare system is definitely a nightmare. It really doesn’t matter who is running the insurance programs in this country. We need to get real, stop the greed and stop making victims out of people. Our country needs a total health and mental cleansing – eat healthy, exercise, stop the unnecessary sweet drinks, junk and fast foods, turn off the TVs and computers - the drug ads have been making hypochondriacs out of Americans for years and most TV shows are garbage. Our society has become so lazy, they want it all now, a lot of it and cheap. It fits with the housing market and the American automobiles situation. That’s my 5 cent.


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