Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hello friends, those of you who are still here. I know I have been totally ignoring the blog and I do apologize. Life can sometimes be very hectic and some things have to take precedence over others. PRIORITIZE!!! That is the key.

I have been watching the election campaigning very closely and though I haven't commented much as of late this article in the Des Moine Register seems to me to be a harbinger of things we could expect to be "business as usual" if Hillary Clinton were elected as the democratic nominee.
The Clinton machine seems to deny everything at first only to fess up in incremental pieces and grudgingly, until he whole truth becomes apparent. Do we really want more of the same for the next four years?

I am still backing Governor Richardson as the most reasonable, honest, intelligent and untainted of the candidates. Whether he has a snowballs chance in Hell. is unfortunately the present reality. But, methinks, that if there was a groundswell of support that showed his viability in Iowa, then perhaps he would gain some traction as an alternative to the Clinton machine. Don't get me wrong, I believe strategically that an Edwards Obama link up is the natural progression to any true challenge to the Clinton juggernaut, a two for one team approach that may galvanize the disparate branches of the party. But as a single candidate, Richardson could easily become a dark horse favorite, a conciliator and bridge candidate that unifies if he is seen as having a chance early in Iowa and New Hampshire. That is why I personally donated to his campaign fund. No illusions here, just tired of accepting the dynastic predilections that we seem to be having when it comes to choosing our leaders, especially our presidents.

As far as the Republicans go, McCain, the most honorable of the candidates, has backed the wrong horse when he went to bat for GW on this War in Iraq. Thompson is better left an actor. Romney seems to have the Clinton disease of saying what people want to hear when he needs their votes. Guilliani, while a formidable mayor and a powerful force in his own right; he has certainly shown poor judgement in his choices. His choice of Kerik, his choice of women and no matter what anyone says his relationship with his children speaks volumes about the real man.

Here is the link to the Des Moine Register article.

I hope my proselytizing hasn't turned too many of you off!

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