Sunday, May 3, 2009

Review of Daniella Schacter's "The Peacocks" from Purple Butterfly

Artist: Daniela Schächter

Track: The Peacocks

CD: Purple Buttterfly

Musicians: Daniela Schächter ((vocals, piano); Alex Spiagin (trumpet & flugelhorn); Joel Frahm (tenor saxophone); Massimo Biolcati (acoustic bass); Quincy Davis(drums).

Recorded: June 22, 2008 Michael Brorby Studio, New York

Composer : Jimmy Rowles and N. Wintone

Pianist and vocalist Daniela Schächter has a hauntingly beautiful and magnetic voice. It is clear, accurate and can at times be deliberately stylized to a monotone. Her unique interpretation of what notes to use where is disarming and so you are magnetically drawn to listen, pulled by the idea of not knowing where she will take you next. With some fine performances throughout the album by Alex Sipiagin on flugelhorn and Joel Frahm on saxophone, Schächter’s voice is nevertheless most beguiling when accompanied in the trio format. On Jimmy Rowles beautiful “The Peacocks”, skillfully accompanied by Massimo Biolcati on bass and Quincy Davis on drums along with her own piano, her interpretive skills shine. She has great control of her voice and when she ventures up some apparently skeptical, vocally dark alleys that stray from the expected she somehow manages to skillfully emerge to the daylight undaunted. You become a convert; a believer that she was always knew she was heading in the right direction, even if you weren’t so sure. A talented, stylized vocalist that shows us there is always another way to sing a great song.

Ralph A. Miriello

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