Thursday, May 14, 2009

Review of Gian Tornatore:" La Copa Del Mondo" from the CD Fall"

Artist: Gian Tornatore

Track: La Copa Del Mondo

CD: Fall (Sound Spiral SS1301)

Musicians: Gian Tornatore (Tenor and Soprano Saxophones); Nate Rdiley (Guitar);
Jon Anderson (piano); Thomson Kneeland (Bass); Jordan Perlson (drums).

Recorded: July 10th & 11th 2007 Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY

Composer: Gian Tornatore

The circularly repeated theme of “La Copa del Mondo” draws you in by the virtue of its tension building nature. Anderson and Tornatore are particularly in sync with each other throughout their juxtaposed playing. Saxophonist and composer Tornatore has penned an interesting piece of music that builds up an almost frenetic anxiousness without veering into reckless abandon. Guitarist Radley floats on top of the rhythm of the ceaseless energy of Perlson’s drums, Kneeland’s bass and Anderson’s piano in a facile demonstration of lyrical fluidity. Tornatore’s tenor is wispy and spirited as he negotiates liquid lines of purposeful notes his solo. Despite the feeling of tension the song purposefully elicits it never veers off track and is skillfully navigated by Tornatore’s confidant delivery, with his astute use of space between notes. A nice syncopated tom solo by Perlson accentuates this textural piece just prior to the coda.

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